How To Pick Kitchen Paint Colors


Choosing the right paint color for your kitchen can be a challenge. There are times when we all want a drastic change and can try something new and other times, we just want a different tone or palette without going to far. Your ultimate goal is to change the look and style of the room, without making such a drastic change that you end up needing to repaint your kitchen again in a year. Luckily, the function of a room can help you decide the best paint to use to achieve your desired interior design.

Kitchens can be tricky to pull off; how do you create a warm and homey space? Various shades of white, gray, blue, yellow, and green can transform your kitchen into a bright room that also feels inviting. Since most days begin and end in the kitchen, using a fresh white or gray can bring an energizing feel to the room. The two paint colors pair well together, and they serve as the perfect compliments when considering what color to paint your cabinets or backsplash. Both white and gray are ideal base hues that will allow you to incorporate splashes of color throughout your kitchen with appliances, hand towels, and other home decor.

If white or gray is too neutral for your taste, blue is also a smart choice for kitchens. Using a lighter shade of blue can create a clean, crisp appearance. If you choose to paint your kitchen a dark blue, be sure to use the shade sparingly. If used too much, it can be overwhelming to the eye and make your kitchen feel too dark or intense.

One of our favorite Blogs, The Spruce has a great article on picking colors, you can check it out here: The Spruce Blog

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In recent months we have done several kitchens in nice shades of green and mild mint colors. The lighter greens give a hint of color while still offering the crispness of a more traditional choice. Paired with white trim, it can really pop, brighten the space, and still have a modern feel.

A traditional color for kitchens, yellow, is thought to increase a person’s appetite. Softer shades of yellow can soothe your guests and make them feel happier. A bold pop of yellow or green can be the perfect accent in your kitchen if you decide to paint your room in bright white or gray tones.

Looking at your kitchen now, don’t to forget to match your new color to the dominant tone you already have. Usually you cabinets and floor will start you in the right direction when picking tones and color schemes. Most people have a dominant and/or neutral color in their kitchen. To figure out yours, look at your cabinets or flooring. (Or think about the new ones you’ve already chosen.) They’ll usually dictate the rest of your kitchen color scheme. If you’re still struggling, just look at the biggest surface in your kitchen.

One often overlooked factor in picking a new color for your kitchen is light from outside. Reflected light—the light from outside that bounces in—can also significantly modify how color looks on your walls. Remember, color is entirely relational. So, if you live in a home surrounded by garden that stays green all year, the light that is reflected onto your walls will have a green hue, changing the way your eye perceives color. And if you live in a Pearl District loft on an upper floor, the cloudy skies will make any blue you use seem even chillier.

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Over on the Better Homes & Garden blog, Jackie Jordan had this tip we need to remember! “Not every paint color for kitchens works well”, cautions Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “Many cooler colors, especially certain blue-greens and grays, don’t look good with food, so use them sparingly. Same goes for intense, trendy hues. Sprinkle them around in accessories. Buy some old wooden stools for your island and paint them. It’s a great way to make an impact with color, and it costs almost nothing,” Jordan says.

Updating your kitchen’s look can be one of the most rewarding investments for your house, but deciding the perfect color is not always the easiest endeavor. We have the right experience to help Hilton Head residents transform their kitchens into a new, inviting space in your home. Overall, though, don’t stress. Paint isn’t permanent. Its very easy to cover up a color you don’t like!

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